Why Partner With Concunsmart

We have been in the broking business since the past 20 years and hence know the ins & outs and we will guide you through them. We offer a low investment opportunity that requires you to capitalise on your networking strength and knowledge of the trade. More than Business Association we believe in creating long lasting relationships with our Associates/Sub-Brokers. We will not only help in initial set up but also provide regular guidance and assistance on any issue, from recruitment of staff to client acquisition. Concunsmart team will provide market updates, research reports & other related services to you and your clients so that you save costs on a research team. Concunsmart team will personally help you with business pitches for High Networth Individuals (HNI's), large portfolio clients and group marketing. And our robust marketing support gives you extensive backing to acquire new clients for a healthy and sustainable growth of your business.

Opportunities in Mutual Fund Industry

  • On an average 3.38 lakh new folios are added every month in the last 3 years since Jun 2014.
  • The AUM of the MF industry grew to ₹19.26 lakh crore in May 2017, from 5.87 trillion as on 31st March, 2012.
  • AUM of mutual fund industry is set to reach Rs.31 lakh crore in March 2020, this translates to an annualised growth of 19%.

Concunsmart – M.F Sub-Brokers

Expectations from Associates

Brokerage Income

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What We Offer


We will equip you with the best tools and products for providing excellent customer service. With our extensive technology and branch support you can be more productive in your day to day business development activities.


Our research team compiles research reports based on our principles of, fundamental study and value investing Our research team combines conventional & unconventional aspects of a comapnys’ valuation in our research reports that ensures high returns.


Concunsmart is the most trusted retail broking house among its clients and associates, offering truly personalised services for every requirement.